The Moonfish Team

Who are we?

We’re a team of tech and data nerds united by the mission to empower anyone to travel anywhere.

We believe that travel doesn't just change your profile picture but also opens our eyes to all humanity has to offer. It builds empathy, understanding, and connections between seemingly different people through the uncomfort of new experiences.

Our technology scans billions of departure airports, destinations, and travel date combinations continuously to find ridiculously-discounted flights previously inaccessible for travelers like you. By lowering the cost barrier, we hope you can take advantage of these opportunities and see all that the world has to offer.

George Zeng, CEO headshot

George Zeng, CEO

Favorite Destination: Vietnam
Previously: Facebook, Groupon, Wharton, Princeton
Loves: Karaoking poorly, dancing, and comedy

Craig Campbell, CTO headshot

Craig Campbell, CTO

Favorite Destination: Japan
Previously: Facebook, Georgia Tech
Loves: Skiing, snorkeling, gaming, and coffee

Gaurav Kulkarni, Engineer headshot

Gaurav Kulkarni, Engineer

Favorite Destination: Berlin
Previously: Remind, Facebook, Michigan
Loves: Public transportation, live music, and the NYT crossword

Chris Lee, Designer headshot

Chris Lee, Designer

Favorite Destination: Italy
Previously: Startup, Battlefy, Startup Grind
Loves: Karaoking incredibly well, video games, and poker with real chips

Rijul Raju, Engineer headshot

Rijul Raju, Engineer

Favorite Destination: Singapore
Previously: FlightAware, CGG, University of Houston
Loves: Chess, biking, and food

Jeremy Goh, Engineer headshot

Jeremy Goh, Engineer

Favorite Destination: Hong Kong
Previously: Facebook, Cambridge, UBC
Loves: Pizza, coffee, and music