Moonfish FAQ

  • Do you have Weekend, Direct, Last-minute, or Full-service airline deals?

    Yes - and we also have Domestic, International, New, Sub-$100 flights, and more! Check them out here.

  • Are your flights roundtrip or one-way?

    All flight deals on Moonfish are roundtrip.

  • Do you have flights to XXX location during YYY time?

    Moonfish looks for deals across all destinations that have great deals; currently there's no way to specify a city or date if no good deals exist for that city or date. For Premium users - Moonfish does have instant alerts built in - you can go and update the places you follow in your Profile. We'll notify you immediately when we find amazing flights to these destinations so you never miss out (both through instant email notifications and in the website feed).

  • How are you able to get such cheap flight deals?

    Great question - we have proprietary data partnerships and an army of bots constantly looking up flights - giving us access to every single flight around the world. With more data, we can find deeper discounts. We customize these flights to you - to make sure they're the most relevant deals for you.

  • Are these flight deals real?

    Absolutely! Look at our historical flight deals - you can see examples of real deals that people have booked. We work hard to make sure our flights are up to date and reflect real deals you can book.

  • Do I need to pay to use your service?

    Nope. We understand some people don't have the money to pay for Premium membership - which is why our Free plan exists. However, if you want 10x as many deals ($30k savings/week), instant alerts, and to support the small team building Moonfish, feel free to subscribe for Premium.

  • How do I change my Moonfish Home or Origin airport?

    You can do it right here.

  • How do I update the destinations that I follow?

    You can do it right here.

  • How do I try Moonfish Premium?

    You can try Moonfish Premium for 14 days entirely for free here.

  • I have feature requests - how do I reach out?

    We always love to hear from our users. Feel free to email us directly at [email protected].